Lithograph: A printing process in which the image to be printed
is drawn by the artist on a slab of limestone or a metal plate.
This original artwork is then treated to receive ink while any blank
areas within and around the image repel the ink. Paper is then laid
onto the image under pressure and a print is created.

Serigraph: (Screen print, Silkscreen) A stenciling method in which
the artist's image is transferred to paper by forcing ink through a fine
mesh screen in which the background has been blocked. A separate stencil
is required for each colour within the print. This method, like the woodcut,
involves the artist working on the areas that are not actually printed.

Giclee: The word giclée is derived from the French language word le gicleur
meaning nozzle, or more specifically gicler meaning to squirt, spurt, or
spray. It is an invented name,.. (Jack Duganne) coin 'd the term back in 1991.
The word giclée, as a fine art term, has come to be associated with prints
using fade resistant archival inks, including solvent inks and the inkjet
printers that use them. Giclees can be printed on many different types of
media, such as, paper, canvas, acetate and all manner of substrates.

Etching: (Engraving, Aquatint, Drypoint, Mezzotint) A printing process in
which an image is incised or etched into a metal plate using a variety
of techniques and tools. Ink is then applied to the recessed areas.
The paper, which is dampened, is squeezed thorough a press under enormous
pressure and receives ink from the incised marks. Unlike lithography, the
finished impression is often raised slightly from the paper surface.

Artist Proof (AP): A print outside of the regular, numbered edition but
equal in quality to it. Often, an artist will retain artist proofs for
private sale. The number of artist proofs are small in proportion to the
regular numbered edition, usually less than ten percent of the regular
numbered edition.

Printer Proof (PP): A print, usually in a numbered edition of 10 prints
or less, created by the artist during printing for the express purpose
of providing prints to the collaborating printmaker as a gift or as
partial compensation for his or her services.

Trial Proof (TP): A print, usually a single, unique impression, created
by the artist during printing to document image changes or as an
experiment with colour variations.

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